Chapter 1, Part 1 (3/4)


At the same time, all over Earth, capsules disguised as meteorites are falling down.

Every one looks different, but they all start moving with the same aim.




The Pacific Ocean, 2000 kilometers away from the point, where Zechs has caused the new mobile suit to crash....

There's a space port of the Alliance, near the island of Guam. It's a military space port; its main purpose is to transport goods to the space army stationed in the colonies.

When the capsule comes falling down, it's just one hour before a shuttle will be launched.

While entering the atmosphere and falling along the re-entry path, the cone shaped capsule glows all red. After slowing down with the resistance of the air, the capsule deploys a umbrella shaped airbreak. Seen from below, it totally looks like a flower opened. Additionally, after ceasing to glow, the bottom snaps open and nozzles become visible from below. Immediately after ignition huge jet flames are spit out.

The ignition lasts only a few seconds. But giving the impression of buckling, the rate of fall of the capsule decreases.

In that moment, a thing looking like a black shadow flies away from behind the umbrella.

Just as it is, the capsule plunges into the sea, and breaks apart with the shock. Together with a explosion-like sound, a water column rises. A few moments later, a black shadow dives into the water.

It's a mobile suit.

It's a scary figure, wrapped from head to body in black, but the form of the whole body is similar to the one shot down by Zechs.

"Hey! That feels good, eh! So this is the real 1 G!!"

Shouting with joy in the cockpit is a boy of 15 or 16 years.

His long chestnut coloured hair is bound together in a braid on his back, and cobalt blue eyes sparkle mischievously. Contrasting his cheerful looks are the clothes he's wearing, which are the same black as the hull. The stand-up collar seems to be the same as on the cowl worn by a Catholic priest.

"Sooo, the first mission is...."

The boy's fingers dance around the complicated control panels situated beside each other, playing with the switches. Finally he hits the keyboard with a bang.

"I have to contact this guy."

On the submonitor on his right side is an old man, wearing sunglasses and radiating a dubious atmosphere. He is almost bald, only from the side of this head to the back there is a bit of white hair. It's his distinctive feature.

"Oh, but before..."

The boy's eyes roam over the data which appears on a submonitor. The space port of Guam is indicated, and data on its installations and armament scroll by. When the part on the number of troops comes up, his eyes stop scanning and narrow.

He murmurs "OZ, eh... I'll take you as a souvenir from on the way. Let me destroy you a bit!"

After merrily stating this dangerous thing, the boy grasps the left control lever and his right hand is laid on the throttle lever. Then he pushes it forward. With a "boom" the acceleration responds and his back is pressed against the seat.

"Sooo, this is Duo Maxwell's first job!"

Just when he says this, the suit jumps out of the sea into the air. Igniting the Vernier engines on the back with full power, he dances down on the space port. He fires the Vulcan cannon installed in the head without caring what he hits. Then he draws something attached to the hip which looks like a spear.

From the tips an energy field extends and makes it look like a scythe. The beam itself should be invisible, but when dust and similar things contained in the air enter the electromagnetic field created in the vicinity of the beam, they start glowing.

After mowing down the Leos, which have appeared for the counterstrike, with one strike of his beam scythe, Duo shouts "Die! Everybody who sees me dies!"

The black mobile suit with the burning space port as background towers exactly like the God of Death with his scythe.




The Atlantic Ocean, 50 kilometers to the west off the coast of the Iberian Peninsula, on the open sea....

The capsule falling down here has opened many parachutes, slowed its speed and then dove for a moment into the sea. Then the capsule emerges again and its huge hatch opens. From the interior, a mobile suit appears.

Except for one part on the head, which corresponds to a visor, the shoulders, arms and hips are a bright red colour. The chest area is painted with orange. There are differences in the details of the anatomy, but one could say that the body as a whole has a family likeness to the mobile suit Zechs has sunk.

After the mobile suit has dived into the sea, the capsule breaks apart with the sound of an explosion.

The mobile suit swims through the water and lands by a factory area bordering the harbour of Lisbon. Without any warning, it suddenly starts shooting at random with a Gatling gun attached to its left arm.

The outer wall of the factory is shredded like paper and the mobile suits under construction inside the factory are destroyed.

Finally, the alarm sounds. When the Leos for the counterattack appear, the factory lies in ruins.

The mobile suit which started the attack opens the right and left side of the double door of its orange armored breast plate. Inside, two Gatling cannons become visible. The gun barrels start whizzing and turning at high speed. While white smoke gushes out, bullets are strewn everywhere.

The Leos barely have time to aim their guns when they're hit by the rain of bullets and explode.

In the shadow of the factory in disarray, two Aries watching realize that even as not involved bystanders they have to ascend and take off.

In no time at all, the red shoulder flaps open and homing missiles launch at the same time.

The Aries barely have no time to engage in an evasive maneuver and are shot down.

The factory is destroyed completely without any resistance worth mentioning.

"Mission to destroy the OZ mobile suit factory complete. 5 enemy Leos and 2 Aries destroyed. Damage minimal. Ammunition left 26 %. Self-evaluation: 75 points."

In the cockpit, a boy follows the scene on the monitor with calm eyes. His characteristics are his oval face with precocious features and the long bangs.

"The enemy is not prepared to face an attack. Let me introduce myself as reporter and Heavyarm's pilot, Trowa Barton." he murmurs towards the microphone with a calm voice, as if there had been no battle.




15 Leos are progressing through the desert spreading in the Arabian peninsula. It's a troop heading for investigation of the crash site of one of the capsules, sighted on the surveillance radar.

The capsule has landed as if burrowed in the light brown sand, with a parachute fluttering in the wind.

The Leos have discovered the capsule one kilometer ahead of them and approach with their rifles held ready.

They can't see anything in their surroundings. Only sands extends endlessly, like the waves of the sea.

When they are 300 meters away, the scene suddenly changes completely. They are surrounded by a group of mobile suits, which have been waiting in ambush.

Some 10 mobile suite have their beam rifles ready. They are lightly coloured, blending into the sand, probably done so for the purpose of desert combat. Also, every suit is a bit different. Details such as the ascent of the shoulder, like a shoulder pad, the length of one arm or the wearing of a crown which looks liked a decoration of shuttlecock differ. The basic design is the same, but through individual fighting styles they were customized. They are marked with a number on the shoulder part.

The Leo troop turns their rifles towards the machine with the number "1", in the assumption that it is the mobile suit of the leader.

In that moment, a cultivated voice resounds. "Please throw away your weapons and surrender. I don't have the intention to go as far as taking your lifes."

It's a cool voice, still sounding youthful.

The voice emanates from a mobile suit which approaches them from the capsule. It is characterized by the decoration on its head, shaped like the mane of a horse, as well as the aristocratic design of its shoulders. Even the colouring makes it a uniform and elegant apparition, but this is certainly only an outward appearance. The reason is that its construction is similar to the mobile suit sunk in the Pacific Ocean.

The Leo troop turns towards the unknown mobile suit and they all attack at the same time.

The white mobile suit stops its comrades who want to start the counterattack, ignites the Vernier engines on its back and drives into the Leos. Even the hail of bullets doesn't affect it in the least. The suit reaches behind its back and withdraws two shotel-like weapons and slashes downwards with them.

The two blades emit a high temperature and hack through the Leo as if they were butter.

Losing their courage before this dreadful effect, the Leo troops don't know what to do and are destroyed by the enemy troops which have taken the offensive.

After the fight has ended, the mobile suits meet in a desert strewn with smoking iron debris. The white mobile suit is in the center.

The hatch in the middle of the chest of the command machine opens, and from inside a sturdy man appears, who indeed wears his beard in the fashion of the Middle East.

"Sir Quatre! It has been a while!" raises the man his hoarse voice.

Responding to the voice, the mobile suit's hatch opens and the pilot appears.

It's a boy. His eyes are covered by goggles, but he must be around 16 years old. Soft blond hair flutters in the dry wind of the desert.

"Rashid! Thank you all!" says the boy and waves to all members showing up in their respective hatches.

"No, OZ was moving faster than we thought and we were afraid."

"Only you were trembling in the cockpit!"

With this said, the jokes start flying and laughter breaks out.

"Sandrock, we have finally arrived. So, this is Earth."

The boy pushes the goggles back to his forehead and looks up to his mobile suit bathing in the sun.




Near the Yangtze river-mouth in East China....

One of the capsules has fallen into the sea here.

While the capsule is sinking, sea water starts seeping inside. But just when the sunken capsule is full, it explodes with a loud noise. Beating away the fragments, a mobile suit appears from the interior.

Even this one has the same form as the one Zechs has sunk. The most important characteristics are the claw-like thing extending from its right arm and the design on the head and chest, which is reminiscent of a Chinese warrior's armour.

At this time, the 9th Pacific fleet of the Alliance Navy is on the sea before the Shanghai harbour, heading into the harbour.

The mobile suit progresses in the water towards the carrier which is supposed to be the center of this fleet.

After clinging to the ship's bottom, it punches a hole with the claw of its right arm, then climbs up. When it reaches the waterline, it ignites the Vernier engines and flies onto the deck. At the same time, it lifts its right arm, which starts spouting flames. A hellish fire, totally like in the legends of dragons, burns the fighter planes and mobile suits on deck.

The fighter plans and mobile suits entering the deck cannot react to this very quick attack. The most they can do is return fire with machine guns.

"As if such an attack had any effect on Nataku!"

In the suit's cockpit, a boy with oriental features shouts this, seemingly impatient. His almond-shaped eyes as well as his hair, tied at the back, are of a glossy black. His snow white garment seems to be made in the style of the people's clothes in ancient China.

While turning the steering lever sharply, he presses a button with his thumb.

Extending the right arm to more than twice it's normal length, he makes its claw like point penetrate the bridge. Spouting flames furthermore, it destroys everything completely.

After retracting the arm, he now grabs a stick, which resembles a spear and has been borne on the suit's back. Swinging it once, the ray emanating from its tip cleans the deck of its board weapons and cuts the Leos, which are just about to do a sortie, in two. Judging from the form of the ray, one could say it's something like a glaive (long sword).

"My name is Chang Wufei!"

The boy announces his name as if shouting to somebody, but since no one replies, he is longer able to conceals his impatience and he chops the deck in two with the glaive. Then he steps on a pedal and the mobile suits jumps towards its next prey.

"This is a stupid mission..."

The boy's murmur is full of fury, but it's not clear why and towards whom.


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