Chapter 2, Part 1 (1/3)


Since its inception, the "United Earth Sphere Alliance" had a preference for military things.

The power of the nations was exhausted through the development of the colonies, and was then further weakened by returning conflicts. As a means to solve this at the first go, the "United Earth Sphere Alliance" was created. With funds and equipment provided by each country, the Alliance set up its army. But following the power expansion of the Alliance, it not only became a means to solve conflicts, but it led to a huge organisation with more power than that, power to also dominate others.

Then the colonies also started to be controlled by force, thus bringing forth a new kind of conflict.

In the headquarters of the Alliance, in Luxembourg, generals of each country have gathered for a conference. They want to discuss the disarmament in space with General Septem of the Alliance space forces. Additionally, in order to represent the opinion of the colonies, and in order to report, Vice Foreign Minister Darlian is also participating.

However, with somebody uttering the three words "unidentified mobile suits" at the beginning, the conference takes a whole different turn, deviating heavily from the original schedule.

"In a report from Treize's assistant it says that they are made of Gundanium after all."

"I see." General Septem nods at the report.

Darlian frowns at the report.

Treize? Is that Treize Khushrenada of the Specials?

Certainly the "Specials" - or ultimately OZ - have become a part of the Alliance organization, but in reality they are a completely independent organization. Even if they don't exactly oppose the Alliance army, they don't have a close relationship either. Darlian cannot imagine that such an information would have been passed on the Alliance.

Even while Darlian is worried about the course of the conference, the conference itself continues.

"I have heard that the Gundanium alloy can only be refined in space."

"Then we have to conclude after all that the mobile suits were sent by the colonies."

While listening to the opinions of the countries' generals, General Septem crosses the fingers on top of the table and says "Then the disarmament of my army will be delayed for the time being."

"No, we should do the contrary. I'd suggest our country's space forces should also be sent to the Lagrange Point to reinforce General Septem."

At this remark by the former USA, the commanders of all countries utter words of agreement.

Even Darlian cannot continue to listen to this stupid war discussion silently.

"But I think that by considering that the deed of a part of the population was the will of all the colonies, the momentary problem is secretly substituted. What you have to think about first...."

Cutting off Darlian's words, the general of former France, sitting directly opposite him, rises and yells with loud voice, while pointing at him with his finger "Nothing was secretly substituted! General, order the attack!!"

"The colonies' side wishes for peace in the Earth Sphere more than anybody else!"

Darlian looks directly at General Septem while arguing vehemently.

"We also wish for peace. Or could it be an act of jealousy?"

Septem crosses his fingers on the table and stares coldly at Darlian.

"No, that's not how it is. In all instances it was the one-sided military oppression by the Alliance army that was the cause for battle."

"So that's your true face, you bastard! You wouldn't be a spy who has established connections with the colonies' side, would you??"

The general of former Germany, sitting besides Darlian, has jumped up and turns towards him.

"What stupid...."

It's a false charge, without any logic or anything else. Out of surprise, Darlian is speechless at first.

"We have heard the report. Vice Foreign Minister Darlian, please leave this place."

At General Septem's words, Darlian says once again as if he's admonishing "Haven't you noticed yet? What is really dangerous is the Alliance and yourselves."

"I already told you! Shut up!"

The general of former Germany grabs Darlian by the collar and pulls him up.

"Don't you understand that these actions symbolize everything and say more about power than any words?"

While Darlian argues calmly, he feels that desperate thoughts are darkening his vision; namely, that peace for the colonies and Earth is still far away.




Around the time the tumultuous conference ends, Treize sits in an outside tub, with dusk closing in. He is wrapped in a flowery scent.

The Greek temple-like building, made entirely out of marble, is enclosed on all four sides by Ionia style pillars.

In its shadow a young woman is standing, clad in an OZ uniform.

It's Lady Une, a second class major. In the Alliance ranks, she'd be a colonel.

Her long hair has been made into braids and collected at the back. She wears round glasses. The glasses, without any strength, are probably just fashionable. More than saying that she's intelligent, they give her a cool-headed impression.

"The tension at the Lagrange Point is rising...? I think this is correct."

After hearing the report on the conference of each countries' generals from Lady Une, Treize nods slightly.

"This time's leak was effective."

This is about the information that the unidentified mobile suits attacking Alliance installations are made of Gundanium, which has been leaked to the Alliance on purpose. The doubts Vice Minister Darlian had were justified.

"This is indeed Zechs. He has done a good job."

For a moment a sharp light enters the eyes of the woman clad in a major's uniform.

"By the way, Lady Une."


"About Vice Minister Darlian...."

Can the major called Lady Une imagine what Treize intends to say with just this? She nods.

"Agreed. For the next bath time I will prepare rose essence."

"I'll leave it to you."

After smiling charmingly at Lady Une, Treize waves his hand as if saying 'that's fine'.

"So, I'll leave the bathrobe here."

"Thank you, Lady Une."

Lady Une bows and leaves. Inwardly, she's not quiet at all.

Zechs Merquise... Why does Sir Treize prefer this man? What was it what he did? Wasn't it something like losing five subordinates and only retrieving data that the unidentified mobile suits were made out of Gundanium? If he did only that, any incapable soldat could have done the same.

But in the next moment, Lady Une's mind turns towards the next mission given to her by Treize.

I won't do such a miserable job as Zechs. For Sir Treize, I will execute the mission to perfection.

A dangerous light gleams in Lady Une's eyes.




After receiving the results from the conference of the generals of each country, Vice Foreign Minister Darlian boards, together with his daughter Relena, a shuttle bound for the Beta 3, the political center of the colony cluster La Grange Point 1, also called L1.

As to La Grange Points, they are the space between two or more large masses - in this case, the Earth and the Moon - where the gravity is in balance. Because it's easy to keep an object still there, they are suitable for the construction of colonies. From L1 to L5 there are in total five of them, and in each case colonies have been built. With L1 being between Earth and Moon, many colonies here have been built at the very beginning.

The shuttle runs up the runway, which is bent like a bow towards the sky, and escapes the atmosphere. Relena senses how the Gs quickly change the direction of her backrest.

"Vice Minister Darlian, wouldn't it be fine if this became a pleasant trip?"

When the Gs vanish and the world changes this time into one of zero gravity, a major who is accompanying them on the voyage addresses him. It's the woman who introduced herself as Lady Une. Relena cannot bring herself to like this woman who seems to be made out of ice and has an air of not showing any respect towards other people.

It seems to be the same with her father Darlian. Without even throwing a glance at Lady Une, he reads the book he holds in his hands.

"Don't you like to chat?"

"I don't know any subject suitable for an officer of the Specials."

Darlian spits out his answer while looking at Lady Une by only moving his eyes.

"What choice of words. I do the task of watching you by order from above. Please don't meet me with hostility."

Darlian looks back at the book, as if to say that he does not like at all to talk more than this to Lady Une.

That it's an order from above? Damned Treize, what are you planning this time?

For Darlian, the 'Specials' and their leading organization, OZ, are something disgusting. It's OZ which is laying out the present expansion of armaments route for the Alliance. When one looks at the armament data of each base, it's immediately understandable. Contrary to the amount of the Alliance armament costs, which increase five percent per year, the OZ amount is increasing more than ten percent. The most notable position are the mobile suits. Now, when only looking at the mobile suits and their means of transportation, OZ has indeed become the bigger organization.

The stubborn generals of the Alliance are not the only problem. The Alliance organization as such is only taken advantage of by OZ and the armament industry at its back, called Romefeller foundation. And then the Alliance generals have not even noticed this.

Darlian shakes his head.

It seems there is nothing to stop this transformation into a military body. Then, the condition where the people of the colonies can have no anxiety is moving further and further away.

Darlian emits a sad sigh. Relena stares at him as if she's worried. But Relena herself is worried too. She's heading towards the colonies without having met Heero again.

Earth, visible from the window, gleams as blue and beautiful as ever. But, same as her father, it pales compared with what is going on inside her.

Furthermore, in the seat on the other side of the aisle, Lady Une watches the condition of Darlian and his daughter while smiling significantly.


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