Chapter 2, Part 2 (1/3)


Having arrived on Earth, Relena is picked up only by the butler Pagan and they get into the limousine.

"You have arrived safely."

Pagan says only this and remains silent until they arrive at the villa. It's as if he knew that there is nothing worse in such times as to utter imprudent words of consolation.

Reporters have gathered around the villa, just like hyenas gather around their prey. Without thinking as to how a girl who has just lost her father may feel, they throw their selfish questions at the window.

With her eyes on the floor, Relena passes through them without a word.

"Mother, I'm back home!"

Pushing open the door to the living room of the villa, Relena addresses her mother who is sitting stooped on the sofa. She wants so much to speak in her normal tone that the voice comes out harsh.


Her mother suddenly lifts the head and starts towards her with a sorrowful face.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't save Father..."

Relena bows her head towards her mother whose eyes are somewhat red. Based on the impression one gets from her grace, she must be a very brave mother, but nevertheless the tears probably escape when the public isn't looking.

"No, I'm glad that at least you came back safely. I have feared for some time that this might happen."

The mother takes her daughter into her arms and murmurs this. Then she adds "Could Father tell you something in the end?"

Have these words reminded Relena of something? She disengages herself from her mother and steps over to the chimney, where she takes a picture from the mantelpiece into her hand, a picture which shows the three people of her family.

"No, Father has not..."

While looking at the face of her father in the middle of the picture, Relena shakes her head.

If she pretends not to have heard... not to know, she can stay quietly with her mother as it is.

These are the thoughts in Relena's heart.

"Relena, there's something I need to talk to you about..."


When Relena yells out, as if to cut off her mother's words, she runs towards her and embraces her. At this time, she does not want to hear that Father and Mother are not her real parents.

"You are my mother! Please be my mother at all times!"


Mrs. Darlian murmurs this lovingly while she gently strokes the head of her daughter - no, her foster daughter, who behaves as if she is a child again. But there is something she has to tell her soon. Mrs. Darlian gently, but firmly pushes Relena away and opens her mouth.

"Relena... no, Miss Relena Peacecraft, there is something I have to talk to you about. Have yo heard already something from my husband?"


Relena is astonished at the serious expression that her mother is suddenly showing.

"No, I am not your mother. At least until this talk is finished..."

Relena's expression freezes, nevertheless she suppresses any feelings and nods.

"Understood. I'll listen."

Mrs. Darlian ushers Relena to the sofa, then sits down herself on the opposite side.

"It's going to be somewhat long, but I ask you to listen to it all."

Announcing this, Mrs. Darlian starts telling Relena the story of the Peacecraft family.

Sanc Kingdom, ruled for generations by the royal Peacecraft family, was a small country in Northern Europe. It was a kingdom which faced the bay of a fjord and which in the middle of a harsh natural environment had realized a steady development in peace. The royal family had a long history of relations and formalities with the royal families in each country of Europe.

The last king, namely Relena's father, sounded the alarm at the appearance of the Alliance. Under no circumstances did he want to join the Alliance since he advocated total pacifism, which, contrary to the Alliance with its pushing of armament, centered around disarmament and non-fighting. Among the states in Europe, which were exhausted by conflicts and whose power of State was decreasing, these ideas were warmly received and spread in no time at all.

But the Alliance felt threatened by this. No, to be exact, it was probably rather the armament industry behind the Alliance. If the way of peace was spreading, it would end up as a superfluous industry.

Then, thirteen years ago, Sanc Kingdom was attacked by the Alliance and destroyed. The king and the queen died in the battle and Mr. and Mrs. Darlian, whose family were serving the royal family since generations as statesmen, took the surviving two year old princess with them and escaped. At that time there was also the four year older prince called Milliardo, but in the middle of the confusion he went missing up to the present day.

She says that this princess was Relena.

"Relena, think about what you are going to do from now on. I'd welcome that. Father would have wanted it as well."

After finishing her talk, Mrs. Darlian returns to her former pleasant expression and explains this quietly to Relena.

"I... I don't know what to do now..."

Relena shakes her head slightly. Then she murmurs with a hardly audible voice "But there is one thing I do know."

In Relena's head, the female OZ officer with her cold eyes is floating around.

Then, there is something she has to do....

A firm decision is born inside Relena.




The Alliance Headquarter in Luxembourg. A garden surrounded by a medieval European style cloister, within calling distance of the Alliance Headquarter.

Sitting on a splendidly decorated bench, Treize is listening to the voice of Lady Une coming from a communication terminal placed on a table.

"Now that Vice Foreign Minister Darlian has died, there's isn't anybody left to mediate between Earth and the Colonies."

"Indeed... he was a rather prominent personality, wasn't he. It is exactly those kinds of people who become victims of a new era."

Treize says this as if the assassination he ordered was just another personnel matter. He calmy directs his gaze to Lady Une, displayed on the monitor on the table.

"By the way, Lady Une, you don't intend to come back here just yet?"

"No, there's something I have to take care of. Please give me a bit more time."

"It's Darlian's daughter, isn't it? It's rather rare that you make mistakes..."

While looking up at the sky, Treize says this as if he was whispering.

"Now I'd like to have permission to attack with mobile suits at the JAP point."

"Please take up to five suits."

"Up to five suits?"

Lady Une asks back as if to confirm. She probably thinks that one little girl as adversary is taken much too seriously.

"It's as if a black shadow follows each of our steps when we move."

"It's the Gundams, isn't it."

"They only aim at installations where OZ is behind and at the new mobile suits. It's a precaution because of this."

"Thank you very much."

When Lady Une has cut the connection with a bow, Treize shows an elegant smile on his lips.

"But if the Gundams come out indeed, five mobile suits may not be enough."

While murmuring this, Treize looks once again up into the sky and his handsome face is smiling broadly.

In the deep blue sky, the chirpings of small birds intermingle.


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