Chapter 2, Part 3 (1/4)


It is now two weeks after the failed assassination attempt on Relena Darlian.

The destruction of OZ installations throughout the world by the five Gundam continues. Three basis and war ports, five cargo planes and shuttles during flight, two fleets. Even if the 'Specials' mobilized all their forces, they may not be able to achieve such a war result in such a short span of time. Besides, the opponent acts alone.

However, OZ does not show any actions which indicate that they want to beat the Gundams.

The OZ commander Treize, even if he can't anticipate neither the Alliance nor the Gundam pilots, in secrecy presses on with the the operation called 'Daybreak'.

"I shrewdly spread the information that all the leaders of OZ are coming together at the New Edwards Base for a meeting in three days."

In Treize's private room at the OZ headquarters, Lady Une, with her computer, is briefing Treize on the state of things.

"At least that you and I are going to participate is a fact."

"You will be part of the decoy yourself?"

Lady Une asks as a reaction to Treize's smile. Without denying or confirming, Treize turns his attention forward.

"The preparations to bring the decoy shuttles to the base according to plan are being pushed on. As to the other Alliances bases, the arrangements are 100 % finished. More reinforcements probably won't be necessary."

"Zechs in Nairobi.... Isn't it a waste to use him there?"

After checking the scope of the arrangements on a printed out document, Treize lifts his gaze to Lady Une.

"There are few OZ soldiers stationed at the Nairobi base, it may become an area of heavy fighting."

"Ah, yes. Then humans can devote themselves without delay to history."

Treize says this as if he were whispering, putting his fingers to the chin. He has turned his chair around to face the window through which the evening sun can be seen.

"In which direction will history move, I wonder..."

"Into the direction His Excellency Treize wishes it to move."

"No, it depends on the behaviour of the Alliance."

After shaking his head at Lady Une's heated words, he looks out the window. Where are these eyes looking? Nobody knows.

History will move in any case. If so, it must be moved into a better direction.

While talking to himself, Trieze puts the document onto the desk and sinks into his chair. With a 'phhh' he exhales and murmurs "Afterwards...."

"It's whether they move as you think they will or not, isn't it."

Receiving Treize's words, Lady Une smiles coldly.




The leaders of OZ will be gathering at the New Edwards Base.

This information is immediately caught by the Gundam pilots.

If they hit them, the mission would be all over.

To prevent OZ from taking over the Earth Sphere and to make the threat against the colonies disappear. This is the mission. If OZ ceases to exist, the threat will go away and they can return to the colonies which are their home.

Each of them, even acting alone, believe this and came fighting for it.

The time has come.

Heero attacks alone an Alliance airport in Okinawa. This in order to steal a mobile suit cargo plane and cross the Pacific Ocean.

Installing a bomb as decoy, he goes to the mobile suit hangar taking advantage of the resulting confusion. Leos coming there are struck down by the beam saber.

When Heero notices that the resistance has disappeared, he descends from the cockpit along a wire and runs into the hangar. He pushes a gangway to the nose of the closest cargo plane and runs up into the cockpit. Just after starting the engines with sure hands, he opens the door to the cargo bay and calls out "Duo!?"

The black mobile suit which he saw on the mobile suit is already loaded into the cargo bay.

"I thought you'd be coming here and was waiting. I thought you'd pull a show and was well hidden. Load yours quickly too!"

Duo says this in a cheerful voice while sticking out his head of the hatch in the breast plate of the mobile suit.

"My Wing can fly. Haven't you thought of that?"

"Wouldn't you have exhausted the fuel by flying? Where would you have gotten supplies?"

Heero throws a hard look sideways at Duo, then he turns aside and heads back to the cockpit.

"Heh, he remembers my name after all."

Duo seems to be somewhat happy when he says this. Then he runs up to the pilot seat and takes Heero's place who is running down the gangway.

A few minutes later the plane takes off from the aiport which is being destroyed by fire.

A few hours earlier, Quatre stands alone in the harbour of Lisbon in order to cross the Atlantic Ocean by ship. Driving a trailer used for transporting mobile suits, he conveys it into the ferry. The Maguanac troop, which is always in his vicinity, is not around.

"Everybody, I'm sorry" murmurs Quatre, turning towards the East in the driver's seat. "But I absolutely have to take care of this. I simply can't be a burden to everybody."

Quatre stops the trailer in the space for large vehicles and fastens it. Just as he wants to head towards his single room, he recognizes a well-known truck.

"That is..."

It's Trowa's truck, which he simply couldn't forget.

Quatre runs towards the truck and addresses Trowa, who nimbly jumps down from the driver's seat.

"Trowa! So you are going too?"

But Trowa just glances fleetingly at Quatre who is happy about the reunion.

"Let's do it together! The objective is the same, isn't it?"

"Is it?"

After Trowa has answered coldly, he squeezes his his slender body into the space between cars.

"But it is!"

Quatre runs after him in a little sprint.

Then, at the same time, Wufei, the only one left, hides at the south coast of the Mindanao islands. Because of a mission ordered earlier his starting actions have been delayed.

"The way things are going I won't make it in time."

Wufei watches sharply through narrowed eyes.

Then, with a 'ping', letters start appearing on the submonitor on the right side of the group of monitors.

"From Zen teacher O?"

Murmuring the name of the man who gives him his orders, Wufei lets his dubious gaze run over the monitor. That's because he has received orders to attack the New Edwards Base just two hours earlier.

"Huh?" groans Wufei lowly while scanning the incoming data with his eyes.

"We have been had...?"

As soon as he has murmured this, Wufei flips the consoles one after the other and sets his mobile suit into motion.

"Nataku, hurry up!"

Wufei calls out as if to persuade his own machine, then steps onto the pedals.


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