Chapter 2, Part 3 (2/4)


On this day, the leaders of the Alliance assemble one after the other at the New Edwards Alliance base on the North American west coast for a conference. Besides the general of each country which form the Alliance, there's the highest commander of the Alliance, Field Marshall Noventa, General Septem who is representing the space army, General Ventei who is representing the Earth army, and the Specials' commander, Treize, with his adjutant, 2nd class major Lady Une.

Standing on a platform, the elderly Field Marshall Noventa advocates peace with the colonies in a strong voice.

"At the beginning, the Alliance was a deterrant against the military power of each country in the world. But, aren't we now exactly such a military power threatening Earth? It's not necessary anymore to devote labour to armament and the development of new arms. Wouldn't this be the right way for the Alliance to take, the right thing to do?"

"In short, isn't this disarmament?"

At General Septem's question, which makes his puzzlement obvious, the Field Marshall states with a nod "Disarmament is only the beginning. It seems that, in the end, we have to eliminate all armament."

In the stir rising in the assembly hall, Generel Ventei voices his agreement to these words.

"We used to shed blood. We had to shed it in order to realize a our ideal of unification. But this goal has changed in the meantime. We have to end already the time of bloodshed."

"If we can end it, we should do so. However, what about the recent chain of events? I mean the attacks by mobile suits using Gundamium which can only be refined in space! Earth is now endangered through their overwhelming power. What do the 'Specials', who have seen them fighting, really think?"

General Septem directs the question at Treize.

"We think they are made by the colonies for destruction."

The assembly halls stirs again at Treize's words.

The Field Marshall restrains the noise and adds in a powerful tone "Please consider that the colonies are suspicious of us. In order to erase their suspicions, we have to start talks immediately."

"I agree. Can't the new history of humankind start with talks?"

General Ventei raises his voice. The words of the two top people of the Alliance are drowned by the clapping in the assembly hall. In the middle of it all, only Treize and Lady Une follow the situation with cold eyes.

"It seems history wants to move into the wrong direction after all."

Lady Une directs her gaze at Treize, who murmurs this so quietly that it disappears in the clapping. Can he guess the meaning of the look by the way things are going? Treize restrains Lady Une.

"No, wait, until another actor has made his appearance."

While Treize murmurs this quietly, Field Marshall Noventa on the platform continues his speech as if he had gained new forces through the clapping.

"It's not only a problem with the colonies. I think we have to start talks in the whole world."

"But, what about the problem with these mobile suits!?" argues General Septem more vehemently.

"When the colonies know our intentions of peace, their destructive actions will become meaningless. We have to talk with each other. If we do this, the way we lost sight of will become visible again before us."

There is no person left who would listen to General Septem's words. Even persons who were advocates of war in their youth have noticed with the passing of time the absurdity and senselessness of fighting. Additionally, many of the representatives of the Alliance are elderly people.

"So, I propose to proceed to concrete plans for the peace talks."

When the Field Marshall wants to continue the meeting, a loud noise resounds through the assembly hall and heavy tremors are spreading.

"What's this?"

A sound clearly different than the one before runs through the hall. On the huge screen behind the Field Marshall the base commander appears and calls out "Field Marshall, the base is under attack!"

The situation of the base shown on the screen, divided into many places. Leos firing their rifles in rapid succession, the control tower being destroyed in an explosion, shuttles going up on flames....

And in the middle two white mobile suits, blowing up the Alliance mobile suit troop.

After he has seen this, Treize nods slightly to Lady Une.

"Lady, all the actors are here. We want to raise our curtain as well."

"Yes, Sir!"

Answering curtly, Lady Une picks up a communication device and presses a switch.

"Call the pilots! Tell them we wish for peace with the colonies!"

At Field Marshall Noventa's call, the base commander answers with a touch of confusion "It's impossible, Field Marshall! The enemy is attacking violently!! While we were doing this, the damages would be...."

Treize comes forward besides the Field Marshall while the screen behind him is shaking with a tremor.

"Field Marshall, the most important thing now is to save yourself."


"Do you wish even now for peace talks with the colonies? If you do, Your Excellency must not lose this fight."

"I won't listen to your irony. Indeed though, I don't intend to die a senseless death. Not when we have peace talks to do."

"Then, please use our high speed shuttle. An emergency take-off is possible."

At Treize's proposal, Field Marshall Noventa frowns as if this were strange.

"That you are suiting our conveniences in such way..."

"Field Marshall, I am a member of the Alliance too."

"Yes, indeed."

The Field Marshall nods towards the bowing Treize and is lead, seemingly sad, from the room by an OZ soldier. General Ventei and the remaining generals from each country follow. But only one of them, General Septem, is stopped by Treize.

"General Septem, this way."

"What? Isn't the shuttle over there?"

Treize suggests to the suspiciously asking General "Isn't it advisable to evacuate the shuttles to different locations as a precaution? My private shuttle is at gateway F7. Not so many people can board and it's the newest model."

"Is it now? Then let's go together."

One could think that it's the right way to evacuate two out of the four top people of the Alliance to different places. The general nods and Treize leads him to the door opposing the one everybody else went through.




At that time, simultaneously as Lady Une presses the button, 'Operation Daybreak' is put into operation all over the world.

OZ starts attacking Alliance main bases at the same time. Simultaneously, the OZ soldiers assigned under the name of 'Specials' rebel agains the Alliance all at once. The Alliance, having continued its armament, faces the overwhelming power of the 'Specials' which were, so to say, at the core of said armament. Most of the bases are captured without being able to counterattack.

Directly at the equator in Africa, also close to the Lake Victoria Base, the Nairobi base is, despite a heavy battle, under control by Zechs' unit, who were sent in here. Afterwards it's only a few units trying to resist.

Zechs' hard voice sounds through the base, where every once in a while loud shots are thundering.

"Everybody, please stop the futile resistance. Even if you are only one person, we do need many comrades. The era of the Alliance is over. With this move, we from OZ have to give birth to a true unification. Don't we want to build the new order together?"

While taking the microphone and appealing to the resisting troops, Zechs frowns under the mask which hides his face.

At such times, the mask is also something practical. It serves him to hide his expression.

At the same time as he thinks this, Zechs takes a deep breath because of a feeling of self derision in his mind.

When I do it, it's done right.

That's what he thought.

With OZ simply taking the place of the Alliance, the dictatorship by military force has not changed. So why did I then follow Treize and carry out the operation?

Zechs asks this himself.

To build up something new is great. But wasn't there too much blood spilled for the building of a foundation...?

The murmuring of Noin, who expressed this during battle, remains forever in Zechs' ear.




At the New Edwards base, two Gundams fight against the Alliance mobile suit troop defending the base.

"It sure is not done by half, this defense line!"

Lifting the beam scythe, which looks like Shinigami's scythe, at the Leos approaching in swarms, Duo leaves hits to his luck and strikes at one after the other. But the enemy's force does not diminish for a moment.

"The attack takes too much time!"

Heero uses up his beam rifle, which can only shoot three rounds, and rips out the beam sabre from the shield on his right arm.

Because the two suits have only close range weapons left, the distance to the Leo troop shortens accordingly.

"This is endless!" shouts Duo while handling the control stick.

Then he is showered where he stands with a hail of missiles from somewhere.

"What!? Shouldn't a friend also be an ally?"

Duo's exclamation is even reasonable. In their vicinity are more than ten Leos.

Duo and Heero ignite their Vernier engines and jump back from the missiles. The Leos with their low maneuvrability cannot escape all of them and are caught in the explosion.

The two are blown away by the explosion's shock. Then they catch on their monitors the two new mobile suits approaching from outside the base.

"A new weapon from OZ?"

Duo, displayed on the submonitor, answer to Heero's murmuring.

"But they're attacking the Alliance!?"

The new mobile suits certainly are attacking the Alliance. While the red and orange mobile suit, which seems to have a body full of fire weapons, scatters shells and rockets, and the other suit with a head ornament like a warrior hacks down the Leos with two shotels, they draw closer to the Alliance main force.

It's not possible for Duo and Heero to know this, but it's Quatre and Trowa.

"Trowa, isn't this suit exactly the same as ours? My goodness, that one too?"

In Sandrock's cockpit, Quatre is very astonished at seeing Heero's and Duo's Gundams.

"Whatever they are, if they are in the way, I'll fight them."

Trowa's answer is simple however. After rooting out the Leos around him with the Gatling in his chest, he starts advancing towards the two remaining Gundams. In a posture in which he can shoot the Gatling in his left arm at any time.

Catching the approaching orange mobile suit on his front screen, Heero murmurs "Maybe this is the mobile suit that Dr. J said a colleague of him made?"

On his monitors are displayed on one hand Duo's Deathscythe standing up at his side and on the other hand the two mobile suits which have newly appeared. The basic specifications are certainly equivalent to Heero's Wing. Maybe the power system is the same as well. That the armament is different may be the taste of the designer or it matched the pilot's aptitude.

"However, I only do what I want."

As Heero shows a daring smile, one shuttle starts moving on the basis' runway.


Looking at the machine's information displayed on the submonitor, Heero confirms his target. It's the shuttle with the OZ leaders on board.

Igniting the Vernier engines immediately, he let's his Gundam take off. Then he pushes a lever in the upper part of the cockpit. Having transformed into a fighter plane, the Gundam flies up after the shuttle.

In the shuttle, Field Marshall Noventa looks down onto the basis which is being destroyed in battle. Smoke rises from it.

"It was an unfortunate accident. I don't think this will be an obstacle on the road towards peace."

As the Field Marshall murmurs this, the figure of a mobile suit appears outside the window.

"Don't be hasty, young man!"

Directed at the beam sabre the mobile suit raises, Field Marshall Noventa's exclamation resounds in vain.

Then, with one stroke of the beam sabre, everything is smashed.

In the cockpit of the Gundam, Heero murmurs "Mission.... over."

For Heero, who has descended to Earth with the aim of wiping out OZ, this must be the end of the true mission. The rest is only going home to the colonies in a shuttle.

However, that this is not the end of the mission, but a new beginning, is something Heero cannot possibly know at this time.




Opposing the two Gundams of Quatre and Trowa, Duo has just found out that the guy before his eyes was the one who has showered him with missiles, and calls out displeased "Thank you for the missiles from before! Now it's my turn!!"

Deathscythe strikes at Heavyarms with the beamscythe. Having used up its bullets, Heavyarms extends the huge army knife with which his right arm is equipped and fights back.

Stepping into Deathscythe's attack, Heavyarm intercepts the attack by the handle part. Then he sticks the army knife into Deathscythe's chest. However, Deathscythe fends the attck off with his ellbow.

And it is after all the same as when he was fighting Quatre. The power of the two Gundams is almost the same, and all movement is halted.

But the battle among the Gundams is interrupted by crimson flames forcing their way through the space between the two suits.

"You there, are you still not satisfied with this senseless fighting?"

The loud voice of a boy is intruding into the communication circuits of the four suits, including the one of Heero, who has returned from the sky after shooting down the shuttle. At the same time, a new suit appears, slipping through the flames in the base. It's an impressive suit with chest and head imitating a Chinese armor.

The armor like chest part is raised and the hatch opens. The one appearing is Wufei.

"Don't you understand? You have completely fallen into OZ's trap!!" shouts Wufei exasperated.

"Open the Alliance information circuits and see for yourself. You guys have wiped the pacifists of the Alliance!"

"Can't be!"

Heero immediately switches over and calls the Alliance channel to the submonitor. General Septem of the space forces appears and an emotional outcry comes in.

"This is a declaration of war by the colonies! We have talked today about peace with the colonies. The Field Marshall, of whom it has to be said that he was at the center, is no longer part of this world. He was killed in an aggression by mobile suits of the colonies! I repeat, this was brutal act of agression! We will not bow to the colonies. We will fight in any case!!"

The four Gundam pilots listen to the broadcast with dismayed expressions.

"Everything was a scheme by OZ. You have been made to dance to the tune of Treize Khushrenada."

Wufei's exclamation bursts into the cockpits of the four.

Duo cries out.

Trowa bits his lip.

Quatre is left speechless.

"I will fight OZ nevertheless, even if it is alone" calls Wufei, then he jumps back into the cockpit.

"I... I...."

And then Heero fights like crazy to control the shaking welling up inside him.




In the room at the rear of Treize's private plane, General Septem has finished the broadcasts and weakly lets his shoulders slump. He has just finished watching how the shuttle with the general of each country under Field Marshall Noventa on board has been shot down. Septem was against disarmament, but since he was looking up to the Field Marshall as a great leader, it has been a shock.

"Thank you for all your troubles, General Septem. You have skillfully told the true intentions of the Alliance. However, with this your time has come to an end."

Switching off the camera, Lady Une says this with a cold smile. It's totally as if she were making an actor leave.

"What?" asks General Septem suspiciously again.

In that moment, the floor below the General's feet inclines. He notices this too late. Here he is directly over the rear hatch.

"You're a natural at acting. To have you removed is a bit regrettable."

General Septem is thrown out into space as he is, sitting on the sofa. Smiling at him, Lady Une fires a bullet and skillfully shoots General Septem, who is tumbling through the sky, through the forehead.

"We must not soil the floor at Sir Treize's feet with blood."

A cold light shines in Lady Une's glasses, and a slight smile shows up around her mouth.


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