Chapter 2, Part 1 (2/2)


The people living in space are for the greater part engineers and workers. They endure an environment worse than on Earth and their unyielding spirit to make progress gives them new force. The Winner family from the Middle East belongs to one of the foundations which support this.

The present head of the Winner family, Zayed Winner, has himself immigrated into the colonies and has continously born the full brunt of the negotations with the 'United Earth Sphere Alliance' in order to secure the rights of the colony residents. Even now that the Alliance army has been destroyed, he is somebody who, as representative of the L4 colony cluster, opposes OZ with totally peaceful ideas.

Quatre is waiting for his father in his office.

"I wonder how old are you in this picture."

Doctor Irea, who has accompanied him up to this point, takes a photostand in her hand and asks this of Quatre.

A still young Quatre is surrounded by his father, his mother and additionally elder sisters. In a country of the Middle East, where polygamy is the custom, this is an ordinary view.

"Thank you for taking the trouble to see me off in such a place."

"That's okay, I have something to do here as well."

As Irea is answering, the door is pushed open with a loud sound.

"You disobedient child!"

The angry shout and loud steps resound in the office as a blond men, resembling Quatre, rushes in - it's Zayed, head of the Winner family. Having grown a rich moustache and with a muscular figure which stands straight, he seems to be quite stubborn.

"I think even now that I am right."

Not subdued by his father's vigour, Quatre also raises his voice. But it's probably because of his quiet character that it's not very compelling.

"Humankind is only barely living in space. What is war! It's useless, it's a waste. That's exactly why we were looking for a solution in talks with the 'United Earth Sphere Alliance'. Moreover, you not only descended to Earth with a mobile suit, you also gave them the excuse to attack the colonies."

Zayed says this to his son as if making him hear a preaching.

"But this war will not end if nobody fights."

"So, has it ended? Has the fact that you fought ended the war?"

At his father's questions, Quatre is at a loss for words.

"What can you do? What can a child like you do? Being an heir means listening to what the parents are saying. Think about this for a bit."

Opposed to the first half, which was a protest as if to tell him off, the second half has changed to a delicate tone. It sounds as if he's appealing to get his disobedient son to understand.

"Oh, so he is not a splendid heir?"

Standing behind Quatre, Irea puts a hand on his shoulder and says this to Zayed.

"Irea, what are you saying?"

"Father, it's not necessarily so that he cannot do anything because he's a child. My important younger brother will be a strong heir."

Irea smiles at the astonished Quatre.

Looking at the two with a complex expression, Zayed turns his back on Quatre.

"I have work to do. You take a rest without thinking about unnecesssary things."

Flinging those words behind him, his father Zayed leaves the room. Quatre, taken aback, can only look after him.




"In reality, even Father understands that nothing will be settled in talks with OZ. But he thinks that, if all the colonies are united in one group, something can still be done."

While walking through the factory area which belongs to the Winner family, Irea addresses Quatre who is walking two or three steps before her. After they had left the office, Quatre gave up on any further talks with his father and left to come here.

"Why didn't you tell me you were my older sister?"

Turning around towards Irea, Quatre asks this. It worries him that, even though it took them three days from the resource satellite to get here, not one word was said in this respect during that time.

"I heard from Father that my younger brother is a Gundam pilot. But what about his anger? I couldn't decide what I should do."

Irea asks for Quatre's forgiveness with an apologetic face.

"But I have heard that I have older sisters in resource satellites everywhere."

Because his father Zayed, according to the customs in his country, has remarried until a male heir was born, Quatre has 29 sisters which are close to his age. However, he has actually met only a few of them.

"They are all your supporters. In truth, so is Father."

Quatre is shocked as he is told this by Irea.

"When you flew off alone, the one who was worried most was Father."

Irea makes an astonished Quatre listen to how things looked like at that time while they are walking.

Even listening to the talk, Quatre cannot imagined something like his father being shaken up. For Quatre, his father Zayed is a strong man, who is strict against himself and against others, and who will absolutely not change his will. He respects him, but he also contradicts him.

At that time the two finally reach a piece of land at the innermost of the factory area. From the outside, it's a space where everything has been isolated and closed down.

"Here my Sandrock has been constructed. But I was careless and it ended up being destroyed on Earth."

Remembering Sandrock's end, Quatre's voice is tear filled.

Having stepped into the control room, which has hardly been used in half a year, Quatre switches on the power sources and reawakens the computers.

"What are you about to do?"

Irea asks this of Quatre who has wiped away the dust and sits before a terminal.

"Professor H is not here anymore. I have to construct another Gundam in order to fight."

Quatre calls up Sandrock's plans on the monitor and starts with the factory settings. It's a system which checks the plans, has all parts constructed in a line of countless factories in other places, and then has them sent here. That's why nobody notices what is being constructed here. It's only assembly and adjustments which are done here.

When Quatre has confirmed Sandrock's data, he notices that other data besides Sandrock's has been entered. Since he considers this suspicious, he wants to verify. In that moment, Irea starts talking to him in a serious tone, as if she's whispering.

"Quatre, can you now really fight for all the people in the colonies?"

"Huh?" Quatre raises a suspicious voice.

"A Gundam pilot, who has fought the same way you have, has been captured and his Gundam has been destroyed as a warning. The people of the colonies have watched this with joy."

"Who... who has been captured?"

"I don't know. But the Gundam which has been destroyed has a black body."

"It's Duo...."

Irea continues as if to cover Quatre's utterly amazed murmuring.

"Nobody in this space thinks of the Gundams as friends anymore. Quatre, can you nevertheless fight even from now on?"

"To be noticed by sombody is not a reason to fight. But I do believe. They will certainly all understand one day."

Quatre slowly shakes his head and smiles as if to cover his sad face.

"Since Sandrock is not here anymore, I may be a bit sentimental."

"I'm sorry. Despite being your elder sister, I only say things which are hard on you."


"We all love you. So don't be sad, our Quatre."

Quatre puts his hand on Irea's arm who has quietly embraced him from behind. This certain warmth heats Quatre's heart for a while.




Coinciding with the start of OZ's production of mobile dolls in space, it becomes necessary for them to secure the mineral resources. That's why they urge each colony to conclude a treaty regarding cooperation in use of resource satellites.

In the Parliament of the L4 colony cluster, they have a bill submitted which transfers the right to control the resource satellite to OZ, and they want to have it approved with an overwhelming majority. Then, the decision to legally deprive the Winner family, who is the owner, of their possession for the public profit is being made and Zayed, who is the only one opposing this, is standing on the platform of the Parliament.

"So, what is this future development you're talking about? Why is an armament for defense necessary?"

Making his tone sharp, Zayed looks around the assembly hall. Most of the representatives avoid meeting his eyes and dejectedly look down.

"Sir Winner, I do understand your opinion, but this here will always be a dangerous strategic point."

Finally somebody opens his mouth, and as if gaining power by this, his neighbour remarks "The citizens want to secure their safety with their own hands."

"Safety!? This!? When you see the weapons that you armed yourself with at will, are safety and peace the words that are on the tip of your tongue?"

After Zayed has banged his fist onto the speaker's desk, he presses a switch and on a screen behind him the picture of this colony is displayed. Beamcannons which were not here before are standing one beside the other in its surroundings and thrust out towards the outside in a threatening manner. This picture looks totally like a rolled up hedgehog.

"Without the fortune of the Winner family, this colony could not have been developed. However, the prosperity leading up to today is the result of the citizens' efforts. What would you think about a further dictatorship?"

Rather than the uniformed officer sent from OZ, who has said this to him, Zayed asks the delegates.

"When was I something like a dictator! Everything was only to resist the intervention of OZ for the peace in the colony. If there is a person who acts as a dictator on this land, then it's you!"

Zayed points with his fingers at the officer.

However, once the assembly hall has quieted again, voices of agreement are not arising. On the contrary, one negative murmur after the other comes up.

"Sir Winner, it cannot be in the possession of a single private person anymore."

"Let us please vote on the offer of jurisdiction."

"Do whatever you want! Whatever it will be, I do not agree!!"

After Zayed shouts this as if roaring, he stares in conclusion at the OZ officers with sharp eyes, then he leaves the assembly hall behind him.

"Why should I help to manufacture weapons, to manufacture the tools for killings!"

The light of determination dwells in Zayed's eyes.




The streets around the assembly hall are totally congested with people who are carrying placards and banners and are raising shouts of protest. Leaflets are scattered and the loudspeakers raise reproachful voices.

Quatre and Irea have gone outside to see the situation at the assembly hall, where their father was heading to. They are caught up in the crowd and have to turn back.

"What are these people saying?"

Don't allow dictatorship!

Resources belong to all of the people!!

Words are standing beside each other which Quatre doesn't understand.

"We are being severely criticized, that we keep the ressources for ourselves."

"That is...!"

At his elder sister's explanation, Quatre raises his voice.

"Certainly the Winner family has many resource satellites, don't they. But there is no such things as an exclusive possession. For the prosperity of people in space we have sacrificed sale."

"Everybody should know this!"

For Quatre this is only proper. As he descended to Earth, there was no such person who spoke ill of the Winner family. That it has come to this, that suddenly reproachful voices are getting louder....

"The feelings of people have changed. Around you as well as around Father."

"The right thing... we were only doing the right thing...."

At Irea's murmuring, Quatre raises a pained voice.

"Let's go. Even if we stay here, there's nothing we can do."

As Irea is silently putting her hand on Quatre's shoulder and calling his attention, an electronic sound comes from her pocket. It's the ring tone from her cell phone.

"What did you say? Father has detached the satellite!?"

Irea raises her voice after listening carefully to the voice from the receiver.

"Yes. And he's further accelerating. As it is, there may an influence on the functions of the colony" reports the nervous voice close to Irea's ears.

"I'm coming right away!"

Urging Quatre on, Irea runs towards the space port at the center of the colony.

Having changed into spacesuits, the two board a shuttle and take off towards resource satellite VF-7, which is breaking away from the colony.

A resource satellite is an asteroid with mining facilities attached to it in order to dig for the mineral resources contained therein. It is connected to the colony with pipes which are used for transporting the ore and supplies. If it's big, the satellite itself has refining equipment, like a blast furnace.

Zayed has removed all these pipes, has ignited the rocket engines, which were for use when the satellite was to be scrapped, and is breaking away from the colony.

Irea catches the accelerating satellite on the monitor of the shuttle.

"Father, please stop! Even if you do something like this, nothing will come out of it. The pursuers will come right away!!"

Zayed's roaring voice comes back to Irea, who has shouted this.

"So, you are you saying I should shut up and watch OZ's invasion! I have done absolutely nothing wrong!!"


Quatre raises his voice.

"Quatre, you won't fight with the mobile suit anymore either. You don't solve anything with military power! You only create new problems!! There is no mistake in the Winner family's way of thinking, namely to not have a military power!"

There's not even a trace of fear in Zayed's voice. It's the voice of a man who is absolutely convinced of his own actions.

"Idiots, don't come here! That disgusting beam cannon is pointing at us!! Those guys will come attacking for sure. That's the way of OZ."

"Father, escape please!"

"Quatre, I am escaping. I will never ever fight. There's no end to fighting. That's why I am running away. If I am to meet with death, it can't be helped. I don't care for space so much that I'd change my way of living."


The moment Quatre cries out loudly, lots of flashes run across the surface of the satellite. Through the simultaneous attack of the beam cannons installed at the colony, chunks of rock are dissolving. Then, at the end, the engine is hit and through that explosion, the resource satellite VF-7 disappears without a sound.

The shock wave of the explosions rolls towards the colony like a tidal wave. The shuttle is tossed about like a leave which has been swallowed by a torrent and is thrown towards the colony as it has lost control over its posture.

The shock assaults Quatre and Irea as they are watching the monitor.

Irea and Quatre are thrown from their seats. A moment later Irea crashes into the wall and, as if to protect him, she catches Quatre. Hitting her head and chest, Irea lets out a cry of pain.

"Older sister, are you okay!?"

Having had his movements blocked the chaotic gravity, Quatre helps Irea up as soon as the acceleration ceases.

"Quatre, Father has fought indeed. He never ran away. He has fought beautifully, hasn't he?"

"Irea, please hold still. Your wounds will be affected."

Laying down his sister, who has whispered in a pained voice, Quatre heads towards his seat.

"Quatre is indeed nice. Father was nice too. Why did such a father have to be killed..."

With the whispering of his sister behind his back, Quatre continues to stare with a stern expression at the red-hot chunks of rock.

"Nobody understands us, the tears of the nice people. The colonies are happy with this. You guys are happy now! I will not forget. And I will not let this day be forgotten either!!"

Quatre's grieving shout is heavy, and resounds everywhere darkly. After the shout fades away, only muffled laughter can be heard.


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