Chapter 2, Part 2 (1/4)


The space colony D120, lying at one end of L2...

It's here where the headquarters of the former Alliance's space army has been established. OZ is presently not exerting any military control, they suggest that the colony joins a nation of colonies. As to D120, the colony continues to take the position as Earth's will in space without destroying their status as a military organization sent by Earth.

The leader of this colony is Gwinter, son of the commander of the former Alliance's space army. The people of the Alliance, who surround him, also see a problem in the policy to make the colonies independent, a policy which is supported by OZ.

"Why are you hesitatingr? OZ wants to have more power than now. We have to hit them. The technological power of the colonies will only become a threat for Earth. OZ thinks of space only as a military factory. It's only us who can strike at them. This is our mission."

Facing the generals in the assembly hall, who are raising their voices, Gwinter crosses his arms and listens quietly. Similar to General Septem, he is tall and slender. He is different from his father who was part of the group favouring armed battle. If you had to chose something, you could say he was part of the moderate faction. This is also a reason why the generals become irritated.

Soon, Gwinter speaks out his own thoughts.

"Fighting produces a great number of victims. With the present military power we have, talking it out may also be possible."

However, opposing arguments are fired away immediately.

"Those guys want to use space to develop mobile dolls. Those murder weapons which will then be produced make it very easy for OZ to establish a dictatorship. We must not allow this!"

"Are all of you thinking this way?"

At Gwinter's question, the assembly hall is wrapped in a silence of agreement.

It's in that moment that a heavy voice suddenly resounds.

"Zechs Merquise has come to space."

The assembly hall becomes noisy with astonished voices rising here and there.

It's Gwinter's grandfather, Clarence, who has uttered this. The voice is the same, but he is different from his sons in the dignified, massive build.

"If it's a formal visit under the name of Milliardo Peacecraft, then he is obliged to receive OZ as well. I heard he is visiting all the colonies one after the other. It's Earth who fears that Space converts to arming itself. It would be good if we took the time to hear what he has to says as he knows OZ and hopes for peace on Earth."

"Why has Zechs Merquise, who has parted with OZ, come to Space?"

Clarence nods at the question from the assembly hall.

"He is a man who loves his homeland. He will probably guess the magnitude of the influence on Earth the system in space, with the merger of OZ and the space colonies, will have. He knows that somebody has to move and is making this visit despite the danger. It's a significant move."

At these words of the colonies' authority the officers also show their approval and it is decided that the friendship ambassador Milliardo Peacecraft will be invited.




At that time, in the headquarters of the Romefeller foundation, the agent of the Representative, Marquis Dermail, greets Treize in a good mood.

"Treize Khushrenada, just as expected! Space is slowly accepting OZ."

"So it seems."

Treize responds to these words absolutely calmly.

"Major Lady Une's activities are splendid. She has built friendly relations with one colony after the other."

"With the construction of a nation in space a feeling of indepence is born and through this a consciousness for productivity and defense is brought about."

"Then a military nation will rise. Every country on Earth will feel the threat which will be a reason to ask for OZ's rule out of selfish reasons. It's excellent, Treize. You have made Space a member of Romefeller."

Treize answers Dermail's words with a bow. But that may be because he's hiding the cold smile about his own mouth. Treize's intentions do not always agree with Romefeller's ideas.

"Excuse me."

With these words, the door is opened and a man in his prime, with silvergray hair, comes in. It's Chief Engineer Tsubarov with his impressive aquiline nose.

"Oh, Tsubarov. Are the preparations finished?"


Tsubarov lets his eyes rest for a moment on Treize, then he turns them away in order to hide his face which looks unpleasant. He has not forgotten the criticism of the mobile dolls and the humiliation he was subjected to at that time.

"Tsubarov will go to the Barge in order to supervise the production of the mobile dolls in space. Major Lady Une will receive him with pleasure."

"Lady Une?"

Treize asks again as if this was unexpected.

"The Major seems to like the mobile dolls very much."

Tsubarov tells this to Treize with a triumphant expression.

That evening, having returned to the OZ headquarters in Luxembourg, Treize can open a line to Lady Une on the Barge. It's their first connection since Lady Une has gone to space.

The lights in the room have been switched off and only the light of the monitor illuminates Treize's face.

"Your Excellency, I haven't seen you in a long time. My name is Lady Une."

On the monitor, Lady Une shows a smile which seems to be like the light praising Treize. She has lowered her hair and also put away her glasses. He understands from the condition of the background that it may be a private room.

"I just thought that you'd come here together with Chief Engineer Tsubarov."

"About that. What do you intend to do with the mobile dolls?"

Treize calmly asks this of Lady Une who is smiling radiantly. It's unexpected for Treize, who is harbouring feelings of hate towards the mobile doll, that Lady Une accepts them.

"I will use them as soldiers so that his Excellency's heart will not be broken."

"My soldiers?"

"Your Excellency is not fair. Your Excellency is the one who should be standing at the summit of the world. But you have left this world in a state of confusion. I have ascended to space in order to help His Excellency. And I have prepared His Excellency's future."

"Fighting will not disappear from this world. And in this case, it's fine if the strong persons rule the world. Humans even feel pleasure at being ruled by the strong. It's natural that the world continues fighting."

"Too much blood is spilled for this. His Excellency can love all people. He has a heart which can make him a God. He can construct peace on Earth from space."

"Lady, you are looking at the future with your own ideals."

Treize suddenly rises and turns his back towards the monitor.

"It's what His Excellency wished for."

"My ideas are only one man's illusions. History is made by an accumlation of daily events. I have no interest in an individual's future."

"His Excellency's future is determined. It's here in space that His Excellency's future lies."

Even at Lady Une's accusing sounding voice does Treize not turn around, but answers in a whispering deep voice.

"Lady, I am not that strong. Zechs and the Gundam pilots want to build the future now. There is no need to rush. The era will repeat itself. Lady, come back. The Lady Une I liked very much...."

As if he were waiting for the connection to be cut from the other side, Treize looks up at the night sky from his position beside and window and doesn't move from this place forever.




As Lady Une continues looking in a daze at Treize's back reflected on the monitor, Lieutenant Nichol, in his room aboard the Barge, makes contact with Marquis Dermail in the Romefeller Foundation headquarter.

"Yes. There is no mistake, it is Zechs Merquise."

When Nichol has seen the figure of Milliardo Peacecraft, who had appeared as a goodwill ambassador, he has immediately seen through his real face. The mask itself was not there, but whoever looked at his words and at the long blond hair, knew it was the same person. However, Lady Une has not reported this to the foundation. He cannot possibly understand this. But it was Lady Une without her glasses who had greeted Zechs and had allowed the visiting between the colonies.

Nichol has sensed the difficulty in decision making with the two personalities of Lady Une. As a soldier, he thinks a reliable order is needed. This would be Marquis Dermail.

"Zechs has appeared in space...?"

Marquis Dermail murmurs this with suppressed anger. At the foundation, they think Zechs is alive because the wreck of Tallgeese has not been discovered. But now that the death in combat has been formally announced, it can't be helped that it becomes publicly known.

"It seems that the former Alliance spacy army colonies plan to contact him."

"Lieutenant Nichol, beat the former Alliance space army! Now that the mobile dolls are completed, there is no reason why we let them do whatever they want. I will send this and future orders for Lady Une. Tell her I wish to have a report for confirmation."

Nichol makes a perplexed face at the last words. Whoever of the two Lady Unes will do it, he cannot imagine that she will be late in such a businesslike matter.

Going immediately to Lady Une's private room, Nichol wants to close the door again in a flurry when he sees that the monitor on the wall reflects an image. He thinks that if it's a top secret operation, it might not be a good time.

"No, I don't mind."

Lady Une, with her hair down, says this quietly and urges Nichole to enter. Then, she turns around towards the monitor.

On the monitor, spheres standing for Earth and the moon are drawn as well as orbits and, extending from there, many lines. These are transport routes from the base on the surface of the moon to the orbites of the satellites, and also re-entry routes to every place on Earth. At the point of these routes, there are bases of the remains of the former Alliance army and countries which are opposing OZ.

"This is the chart for the operation of the mobile dolls' descent to Earth, the dolls which the Romefeller foundation has produced in space."

"This is the operation which settles of all conflicts at once, isn't it?"

Nichol says this while reading the chart. Lady Une denies this with a sad smile.

"Everybody ends up thinking so. I have no intention to drop off the mobile dolls to Earth."

Lady Une continues towards the astonished Nichol.

"With Romefeller's ideas, only much blood will be spilled on Earth. Persons with power will rule Earth. Only through this will there be peace on Earth. However, His Excellency has declined to rule the Earth."

"His Excellency Treize?"

"As long as His Excellency does not come to space, order cannot arise in the world. My work is finished."

Lady Une lets her shoulders slump and sinks into the seat. That figure, when it does not have the cool-headedness to try any means for her goal, it doesn't have the sweetness to deny fighting as a messenger for peace either. It's figure who has lost its goal of living and looks like a corpse.

Nichol kneels at Lady Une's feet and looks up into the eyes which have lost their light.

"No, Major. The duties as an OZ soldier are left to you."

"As an OZ soldier?"

Lady Une repeats the question to Nichol as if she didn't understand the meaning.

"This results from supporting His Excellency. A soldier should be devoted to his duties. The Major has exceeded the soldier and become a leader. But the Major's superb talents are displayed as a soldier. Please work as an OZ soldier, no only leading His Excellency, but supporting him as well."

"As a soldier supporting His Excellency...."

"His Excellency surely wishes this as well."

"Sir Treize wishes this too...."

As Lady Une replies in a murmur, strength, if only a bit, returns to her eyes.




Zechs visits the colony D120 at about the same time as Nichol issues the attack order against the former Alliance colony.

Clarence holds out his hand as Zechs enters the control center.

"Welcome. We became enemies once, but the era of fighting has led to meeting again."

Zechs is dressed in a snow white morning suit, which is the formal attire of the Sanc Kingdom. He bends his tall figure and exchanges a handshake with Clarence.

"When it comes to thinking about Earth, the Alliance and I share the same viewpoint."

After Zechs has said this, he turns his gaze towards Gwinter, who stands behind Clarence.

"You are General Septem's son, aren't you. I have met the General many times. He was somebody who had a realistic viewpoint of things in an emergency. Please accept my condolences."

Gwinter only shows a weak smile and doesn't reply. He knows that his father was not very highly valued. As if to save his grandson, Clarence gets Zechs to talk.

"I have heard that you came from Earth in the matter of the colonies' armament?"

"I feel that, if only a new military nation is born, it's not such a big problem. However, if they are deceived by OZ, I must not overlook it."

Gwinter nods at Zechs' words.

"OZ wants to use space as a military factory."

"Officially they say it's a means to solve the conflicts, but the violence of the conflicts may on the contrary increase and create countless victims."

"Our worries are the same, Sir Peacecraft."

Agreeing with Zechs, Clarence asks "What do you think of the people in space?"

"The teachings of the deceased leader Heero Yuy are not outdated. Space has flourished without needing weapons, as a space not soiled by Earth's history. I think it's a cultural sphere which will become a model for the pacifist nations on Earth."

"Become a model you say.... If the people in space had heard these words a bit sooner, they may have abandoned their thoughts. Then we wouldn't have stayed on in space."

"You stayed on in space?"

Zechs asks back at Clarence's words.

"When the Alliance was defeated by OZ, we should have surrendered immediately. But we thought this may leave a big problem for space."

Saying this, Clarence points with his finger at the screen. A general view of the colony is drawn there, and ever-changing information of the colony is shown regarding the air situation in every area, the damage to the outer wall through dust floating through space and water production.

"The space colonies are constructed with precise calculations. This control center is always maintaining the living space. The rotation of the colony, check of the condition of the air, health care... phenomens which are totally natural on Earth, are an artificial thing here, done by the hand of men. In order to live in such an environment, a reform in the consciousness of mankind was necessary. Fear... so, when you can't forget your fear, you cannot live here. Persons who are afraid will take weapons into their hands. Weapons can remove fear. However, they also bring about the dangerous characteristic that they can destroy colonies. That's why further weapons become necessary."

"How far do you have to go to remove the fear?"

Zechs asks this with a stern expression.

"Space, which continues to embrace fear, will attack Earth. Until they obtain a stable land."

Clarence declares this with confidence.

In the end, space either creates a world which does not have weapons, or else it will only be said that their military power is greater than Earth.

Zechs entertains gloomy thoughts. Whatever the Gundam pilots do, isn't it in vain when considering this fact? Despite that Howard entrusted me with space, is there anything that I can do?

"Then, there are additionally persons who want to accelerate things."

Gwinter tells this Zechs, who is lost in thought.

"It's a person called Quinze. Originally, he was Heero Yuy's left hand, but after his assassination, he converted to a party fighting with weapons and he attracts comrades with the idea that they want to punish Earth with force."

"Are they a big problem?"

At Zechs' question, Clarence nods.

"Yes indeed. We were also their deterrent. Thanks to this, they have not entered the stage yet and are hiding underground. They went as far as putting Operation Meteor into motion."

"That operation is the idea of this man?"


At Clarence's answer, Zechs thinks hard. The actions of the Gundam pilots do not look like a punishment towards Earth. That's because they've only aimed at OZ. Some factor outside the plan is without doubt also at work here.

In that moment, the radar controller raises a strained cry.

"It's a transport boat from OZ! At last they started the attack!!"

"Let me participate in the counterattack."

With an astonished voice Gwinter addresses Zechs, who has turned around and wants to leave the control center.

"But it's out of the question that the goodwill ambassador from Earth fights."

"I will use two faces. I have become used to being cunning in the middle of the battles."

Zechs answers so to Gwinter while looking over his shoulder.


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