Chapter 2, Part 2 (3/4)


The Romefeller foundation has decided to construct the production site for the new model of mobile dolls at the moon base. Taking over the command is the developer of the mobile dolls, Chief Engineer Tsubarov.

This new model is a weapon to be used against Earth. It will be deployed in a strategy which states that they are made to descend to Earth as a mean to solve the many conflicts through force. The world which has taken the mightiest weapon into their hands wants to go towards an age where the force of a soldier is not needed anymore.

Having landed on a L1 colony with a shuttle, Tsubarov moves on from there in a small shuttle towards the moon.

It's this shuttle that Wufei is targeting.

"The liquidation of the mobile doll's chief engineer. A small target for me."

Murmuring this, he ignites Shenlong's Vernier engines.

However, has he already been noticed? From the base on the surface of the moon, Taurus appear to intercept him. They are mobile dolls.

With Wufei being unable to engage in a direct combat against the four Taurus, he is being toyed with. The Vernier engine is for use on the Earth's surface. It's impossible to control the suit's position in zero gravity conditions. Additionally, in the battles at the Singapore space port and in the attack on the Barge, he has used quite a lot of ammunition and energy, and the damage to the suit is also considerable.

"There are neither bullets nor fuel, and on top of that, no propulsion function is left."

With the elastical right arm, called Dragonfang, torn away, Wufei sneers at himself.

"Sooo, Mister Chief Engineer, I entrust you with my life. You should treat it as if you liked it."

Wufei lets go of the control lever and crosses his arms.

The Taurus start all together attacking Shenlong, which has stopped moving. The shock runs into the cockpit and the monitors black out. The Gundanium armor will probably not endure much more.

However, without getting pale, Wufei switches on the radio.

"Wait, this Gundam does not have the power to attack. I want to capture it and examine it in detail."

Intercepting the message from the shuttle, Wufei smiles.

"Thank you, kind Mister Chief Engineer. Nataku, we can become strong! There's a factory. There they can make us strong."

After murmuring this to his beloved suit, he stares at the approaching Taurus.




"It's you...."

It's Heero's emotionless voice that greets Wufei as he is thrown into the prison cell.

"That you have been caught...."

After nimbly springing to his feet, Wufei says this as if it had been unexpected. Sitting down in a place opposite Heero, he puts both his hands, which have been handcuffed with electromagnetic manacles, on his knees.

"I had thought that you would rather self-destruct than allow yourself to be caught."

"There were reasons why I couldn't do this."

"It's that guy, isn't it. Trowa was his name I think."

Wufei raises the name of the boy whom he had noticed for a moment when he was taken away and who had been wearing an OZ uniform.


"I don't know what his intentions are...."

"I understand the guy's thoughts. He must be searching for OZ's and Treize's true intentions."

That is Heero's answer to Wufei.

It should be the aim of OZ and its parent organization, the Romefeller Foundation, to let the 'United Earth Sphere Alliance' collapse and to take over the supremacy over Earth and Space. Why have they adopted a conciliatory measure, without simply ruling over the colonies? With the military power of OZ, it should have been easy to make the unarmed colonies obey. Heero guesses that Trowa has probably infiltrated OZ as a mean to investigate this and, if possible, approach Treize.

To first carefully investigate and analyse the situation is a method which resembles Trowa. However, Heero cannot go such a roundabout way.

Wufei smiles at Heero words 'true intentions'.

"He wishes for a duell, Treize that is. The arrogant colonies will probably be shown the difference in power to Treize."

Remembering his past defeat, Wufei's smile is bitter.

However, Wufei doesn't know them. The thoughts of Treize towards the mobile dolls that is. And that the era has started to move in huge steps, exceeding Treize's authority.




150 kilometers south of the island of Ceylon, which swims in the Indian Ocean, an old-fashioned submarine carrier is submerged in the water. It doesn't have the twin form of OZ, but the normal teardrop form.

The submarine carrier makes its search light glide along the pitch-dark ocean ground as if to lick it. It's clear they are searching for something.

Four people are filling the narrow bridge and are staring at the monitor which displays the sea floor highlighted by the search light.

"Regulating the ballast. Slowly...."

A man in his prime, who seems to be the captain, gives instructions to the young navigation officer while asking the woman standing to the side "Is it really in such a place?"

"It is indeed."

It's Sally Po who has answered. She has adapted her long hair to the narrow submarine carrier and pinned it up in a bun.

"We have to collect it at all costs, also to pay back our debts from New Edwards. We must not leave it to OZ."

Murmuring this, Sally suddenly moves her face close to the monitor.

"Wait! Make the light shine onto that rock."

After the searchlight has returned into the direction it originally came from, a white object appears in the dark which swirls with marine snow.

"Found it!"

Shouts of joy rise on the bridge.

The white body is Gundam 01 - it's Wing which Heero uses.

"For being in quite a battle, there is hardly any damage."

The captain raises an admiring voice as he gazes at Wing. However, this Wing was just used by Trowa at the South Pole, and afterwards, not even Heero has used it anymore in battle. The suit is as good as new.

"OZ must target it as well. Please start working quickly on the preparations for the salvage."

Following Sally's instructions, they give a signal to the salvage ship standing by at sea and commence working on lowering a wire.

"Still, what were you thinking, leaving the Gundam behind like this? Heero, this mobile suit will shape the future era."

Sally murmurs this while looking at Wing's body displayed on the monitor.




Immediately after taking up his new post, Chief Engineer Tsubarov starts adjusting a line in the factory, attuning it to the plans of the new model of mobile dolls. A deadline of one month has been set by the Romefeller foundation, and the situation is such that he has to start the production immediately.

"It's called mass production, but there's no need to attach great importance to the cost performance. That's because a mobile suit which could defeat these Virgos does not exist. Besides, resources are unlimited in space."

While inspecting the factory, Tsubarov gives out instructions with an arrogant behaviour.

"He returns to the space colonies the original meaning of the words space colony."

While making a clicking sound with his feet, Doctor J walks up to a big trailer. Then he murmurs this in a low voice.

"Ah well, they surely will get to see things. I'll leave the rest to you."

Professor G whispers this into Doctor J's ear while he leans out from the driver's seat.

"You do that."

Just as Doctor J has answered this and has walked away from the trailer, Tsubarov notices their situation and raises a shout.

"Hey, where are you taking something like this to?"

"This is Shenlong which you took apart when you wanted to steal our technology. It's an honour that it still attracts your interest even if it has become scrap metal."

Doctor J emphasizes the part 'wanted to steal'. Just as expected, Tsubarov's pride is stung and he blanches, then he shouts, sounding irritated "What did you say? I have no use for such things. Dispose of it quickly!"

"Yes yes, Mister Chief Engineer."

Professor G steps onto the accelerator and takes the trailer out of the factory. Left behind, Doctor J stretches and raises his voice so that it's heard.

"Well, guess we should construct the mobile suits which are superior to the Gundams."

"Do it quickly!"

"Got you. So, don't press me. There are too many things to do here."

After answering the call from Tsubarov which has come flying from behind, Doctor J murmurs this in a low voice.

Elsewhere, Professor G, transporting the wreck of the dismantled Shenlong, drives the trailer into the deepest layer of the factory block. The waste disposal factory is immediately above, and it's an area where very few people are coming and going.

After stopping the trailer before the farthest wall, Professor G takes out a remote control from his white coat. One part of the wall glides to the side, an entrance opens and he drives the trailer through.

"I've kept you waiting."

After the door has closed behind him, Professor G addresses the darkness. Answering to his voice, the three Gundam engineers appear.

"So it's not enough to just put it together again."

Saying this, Professor G looks up into the darkness. Beyond his gaze, with the frame exposed, Deathscythe is standing.




Zechs' tour to the colonies counts already ten places. However, the reactions are not even as good as that he could say 'indeed'. No matter which colony's delegation, they notice the present situation with its progression towards armament, and they think lightly of the confusion this causes in the Earth Sphere.

Here, in the colony E401 in the L3 cluster, Zechs poses the same questions.

"Hasn't an individual opinion existed in space, namely that you don't like wars? Why do you need to have weapons here?"

However, the answer coming back is also the same.

"That the colonies are an experimental institution is the talk of 100 years ago."

"We have decided that, in order to prevent battle, it can't be helped to have even weapons."

"The Romefeller Foundation, which runs OZ, is the most powerful organisation on Earth. There may be a few problems with this organization. However, we want to protect the colony. That's why we have accepted OZ. Because we were searching for a more reassuring safety. The military wars on Earth continue. This is the way we have chosen in order protect us from their influence."

Don't you think that you influence each other and that the fighting will become more violent?

Zechs continues speaking with more vehemence.

"The people opposing OZ on Earth think that it's exactly OZ, who are detaining the Gundams' engineers, who want to turn this place into a very dangerous one."

The answer is the same yet again.

"We have received the report that the engineers have already been executed. A nation loses its dignity when it doesn't have the force to even prevent such traitors like that to show up."

"Our decision will not change. Ambassador Peacecraft, please understand us here somehow."

Being told this by the delegates, Zechs rises from his seat without saying anything.

The engineers have been killed? That's not possible. It means that we have to fear misinformation like this the most.

Zechs starts harbouring further misgivings about the colonies whose information is completely controlled by OZ.

Zechs returns home the following day.

In Vayeate, Trowa escorts Tallgeese with Zechs on board. And he makes sure that Zechs does return home.

"I have accompanied Ambassador Peacecraft and completed the bodyguard mission."

Trowa has returned to the Barge and is reporting to Lady Une.

"Thank you for your trouble. The ambassor will have understood the determination of space hopefully."

"How about as Zechs Merquise?"

"He too is a person with an opinion about this era. Soon there will be fighting as well. At that time, we will get the result. It seems that nobody can stop the flow of history. Not even Sir Treize. But it would be good if I could bring history towards Sir Treize's ideal."

In the voice of Lady Une, who says this with determination, is not the doubt from before. And her cruelty has disappeared as well, as if she had tossed it off.

"I can throw away my life for this. I'll show how to fight and win. For Sir Treize's future. And my own future...."

In Lady Une's gentle murmuring is not the wish of another person, but it's the sound of a person who intends to cut a way for the future out of her own volition.


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