Chapter 2, Part 2 (4/4)


In a park located in a suburb of the colonie B501 in the L1 cluster, Duo has lain down on a bench.

As a result of the efforts to imitate the Earth's environment, parks in which trees were planted here and there have been established on the colony with quite some speed.

It has been one week since Heero left in order to kill the engineers on the moon base, and he hasn't heard anything from him. Has he been killed or has he caught them? Well, since it's that guy's business, he shouldn't have to worry. With his body's condition restored, Duo starts thinking of his own business rather than the other one.

Beneath the artificial sunlight of the colony, Duo has taken into his hand administrative news which have been issued by the colony.

"All of this is OZ, OZ, OZ."

Just to state that he dislikes reading this directly with his eyes, Duo wears dark sun glasses. He mumbles this disdainfully.

Compared to the time when the Alliance ruled, the business conditions have improved, the figures of people walking through the city have increased, and at first glance it seems that there are many bright subjects of conversation. However, behind this one can always guess the figure of OZ. The business conditions were brought about by the supply of resources for the mobile suits and the lack of labour. Additionally, half of the people walking through the city are OZ soldiers.

The news flowing from the loudspeaker in the park are coloured OZ only as well.

"By this time, goods materials and parts have been transported from each plant colony and we have, with the support of OZ, started the preparations for mass producing the newest mobile suit on the moon base. We are already no longer afraid of an invasion. With the efforts of Commander Treize and Major Lady Une, Space can greet a new age."

"So well said. Those two planted the fear of fighting in you after all."

"This is not so."

Immediately, a woman's voice comes down at him from the side.

"Up to now, the colonies were part of a history of humiliation. We do not fear the fight in order for the colonies to stand up."

It's a voice which totally sounds as if it's reading a written text in a monotone. Duo lowers the sun glasses and looks up at the other party.

"Who are you?"

"I am Hilde Schbeiker. I have volunteered from this colony."

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